The world is a reflection of ourselves and everyone of us displays its troubles and conflicts. Therefore, the key for their solutions has to be sought within us

The main purpose of the Vacation School Lipnice (VSL) is to motivate people with various challenges and mobilize their courage and creativity, which is required for an active acquiring of experiences. Our program supports such experience that leads to the positive change, increase in self confidence (self esteem) and responsible approach towards one’s own life, other peoples’ lives and towards the world in general.

Vacation School Lipnice aims to create a respectable Methodological Centre of Experiential Learning. VSL is very supportive of its “experimental laboratory” (Authors Courses) while new, innovative approaches are encouraged. Courses with well established (stabilized) methodology (the basic experiment was already carried out) are transformed into a form of a project in co-operation with their authors. Results of the experiments are then shared with the public and used for the common good. VSL identifies itself with the organization’s mission and actively contributes to its development.

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